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12 Volt Refrigerators and freezers for your solar powered home, car or boat
12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC
110 Volt AC, 220 Volt AC

Propane or Kerosene

Great for your Home, Cabin, RV or Boat

 sundanzer, dc refrigerator

SunDanzer     Super Energy Efficient Refrigerator or Freezer
Refrigerator or Freezer Chests with 4.33" of Polyurethane Insulation. Chest Style does not allow your cooled air to flow out of the door of the unit like normal units when opened. At less than half the cost of the Sun Frost, the value Outstanding!
12 or 24 Volt units, or one12 Volt model powered direct from your Solar Panel.

Available in these sizes: 5.8 Cubic Foof, 8.1 Cubic Foot, 3.7 PV Direct

Our Most
Energy Efficient
5.8 CF   Refigerator
38° Inside Temperature
Avg Outside Temp
Avg Outside Temp
77 Watt-Hrs/Day
168 Watt-Hrs/Day
12 Volt
6.5 Ah/Day
24 Volt
3.2 Ah/Day
12 Volt
14 Ah/Day
24 Volt
7 Ah/Day