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Owner's Instruction Manual


Eighty years ago a small boy on a Nebraska farm read and reread the Arabian Nights story of Aladdin by the flickering yellow light of an open flame "coal oil lamp." Years later that boy, now a man, found a lamp that erased the darkness with a soft white light. Naturally he named the lamp "Aladdin". An appropriate name: for this revolutionary boon to rural America seemed nothing short of magic in the intensity of its light.
For those who lit the lamp, trimmed its wick and cleaned its chimney, or just enjoyed its friendly glow, the Aladdin lamp recalls many memories of childhood. By its soft light many boys and girls acquired the knowledge that helped them realize their dreams and aspirations.
Later Aladdin brought this white light to every corner of the globe. For many it has been the only light of their entire life. Even when electricity comes there are a loyal few who profess to use the electric light only "to find a match" to light their Aladdin lamp.
Now, you to can enjoy both the nostalgic warm glow and the practical lighting of an authentic Aladdin lamp. In this period of energy uncertainty, your Aladdin lamp with its light and warmth is a welcome companion in times of emergency. The noiseless, smokeless, odorless operation of your new Aladdin lamp allows it to enrich any occasion with its soft, serene glow. Complete operating and maintenance instruction follow in this booklet. READ THEM CAREFULLY. Then enjoy your Aladdin lamp.




  1. Carefully unwrap all parts of you lamp.
  3. Screw burner into bowl by turning it clockwise.
  4. Remove LOX-ON® mantle from box by handling the wire frame. (Fig. 2) Do not touch mantle fabric. Fit mantle to burner gallery--the upper detachable part of the burner which also holds the chimney when assembled. (Fig. 3) Lock mantle into place by turning it clockwise.
  5. Insert LOX-ON® chimney into gallery (Fig. 4) and secure in place by gently turning clockwise. The chimney should fit snugly, but take care not to break the chimney by overtightening. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE FITTING THE CHIMNEY INTO THE GALLERY, YOU MAY NEED TO BEND THE METAL TABS ON THE GALLERY OUTWARD SLIGHTLY.
  6. Place shade on tripod arms. (Fig. 5) If shade fits too tightly bend arms of tripod down slightly to accommodate shade.
  7. IF YOUR LAMP IS EQUIPPED WITH AN ELECTRIC CONVERTER and you wish to use the electric converter, follow the same instructions for assembly as those for the kerosene burner (Steps 2 and 3). Then screw in the light bulb you have chosen (we suggest you use a 60 watt bulb in your electric converter). Insert the chimney as described in step 5 above. The tripod will fit between the converter and bowl in the same manner as described above for the kerosene burner.

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  1. Fill bowl with ALADDIN lamp oil, or a good grade of fresh, clean, clear, refined K-1 Kerosene. NEVER USE GASOLINE OR OTHER DANGEROUS FUELS IN YOUR ALADDIN LAMP. The use of scented lamp oils is not recommended since additives in these oils can clog the wick and interfere with the correct operation of your lamp.
  2. ALLOW THE WICK IN THE BURNER TO SOAK IN THE KEROSENE AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO LIGHT YOUR LAMP. This is very important since the wick must be adequately soaked with kerosene to burn properly.
  3. With a lit match, burn off the protective coating on the mantle by removing the chimney and touching the match flame to the bottom of the mantle (Fig. 7). Do not touch the mantle with the match stick itself, since this will damage the mantle. The protective coating will burn off; this is normal. Replace chimney in its original position over mantle into gallery (Fig. 4).
  4. Now you are ready to light your ALADDIN lamp. Turn gallery counter-clockwise and lift gallery, mantle, and chimney as a unit off of the burner. (Fig. 8A). MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE OUTER WICK TUBE (PLEASE SEE FIG. 11 AND BURNER DIAGRAM (FIG. A)) IS NOT REMOVED AND REMAINS SECURELY ATTACHED TO THE BURNER. Do not remove chimney from gallery. After the coating has been burned off of the mantle, always keep gallery, mantle and chimney intact as a unit.
  5. Turn wick up about one-eighth inch above outer wick tube and light wick (Fig. 8B). When flame has covered entire top edge of wick, carefully place gallery, mantle and chimney unit on burner and lock into place. Do not allow gallery to drop into position as this could injure the mantle.
  6. Turn wick up slowly until part of the mantle glows white and then allow it to stand for several minutes at this level to warm up. NEVER TURN THE LAMP UP TO BRIGHTEST LIGHT IMMEDIATELY AFTER LIGHTING AS THIS WILL CAUSE THE LAMP TO OVERBURN AND BEGIN TO SMOKE IN A SHORT TIME. After several minutes turn lamp up to a level of about 75 percent (3/4) of the brightest light output. After the burner has fully warmed up, the heat generated will cause the mantle to increase the intensity of its glow.
    A CORRECT LIGHTING CONDITION EXISTS WHEN YOU HAVE AN ILLUMINATED MANTLE WITHOUT POINTS OF ORANGE FLAME BREAKING THROUGH THE MANTLE. If points of flame break through the mantle, the wick is turned up too high and should be adjusted downward.
  7. Do not allow your lamp to burn dry. This would cause the wick to burn away and become uneven. If this should happen, reshape with provided wick cleaner (See Step 9 below) or replace your wick as needed to restore satisfactory performance.
  8. To put out light, turn wick down just below wick tube until flame disappears. Blow softly into burner (Fig. 9) or across top of chimney (Fig. 10) to insure flame is extinguished. Raise wick to check that lamp is no longer operating before leaving unattended. NEVER LEAVE YOUR LAMP UNATTENDED WHILE IT IS OPERATING. IF YOU MUST LEAVE THE ROOM, EXTINGUISH THE LAMP.
  9. Do not clean wick unless it has a formation of carbon crust on it. If it must be cleaned, remove gallery assembly and turn wick down until the top edge of the wick is even with the wick tube flange. (Please refer to burner diagram in Fig A). Then remove flame spreader (thimble-like part) from inner wick tube (Fig. 11). Insert wick cleaner (which is packed with your kerosene burner) into wick tube. (Fig. 12) Turn wick up until it presses gently against the cleaner. Turn cleaner clockwise slowly until wick is smooth. Never permit cleaner to ruffle or gouge wick as this will produce a ragged wick and high points of flame when lamp is lit (Read "Care of the Wick" in Item 5 under "Important Information").
  10. When replacing wick, please refer to instructions supplied with replacement wick.

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Read and Remember

  1. NEVER USE GASOLINE OR OTHER DANGEROUS FUELS IN YOUR ALADDIN LAMP. Use ALADDIN clear, unsented lamp oil or a good grade of fresh, clean, clear refined K-1 kerosene. Be sure that the container in which you keep your kerosene is kept clean at all times. Every time you install a new wick (or every six months), empty the lamp bowl, clean it, and put in fresh ALADDIN clear, unsented lamp oil or K-1 kerosene. If you want to use lamp oil, ALADDIN clear, unsented lamp oil is especially formulated for best operation of ALADDIN lamps. It can be obtained from your dealer. No other oil should be used.
  2. SOAK NEW WICK at least one hour before using lamp.
  3. HANDLE CHIMNEY, MANTLE, AND GALLERY AS A UNIT. This protects the mantle. Do not remove chimney from gallery except to clean chimney or to install new mantle and burn off mantle protective coating.
  4. ALLOW YOUR ALADDIN LAMP TO WARM UP as directed in step 6 of the instructions for lighting and operating your lamp found above.
  5. CARE OF THE WICK. Use your wick cleaner carefully. It is designed only to remove carbon and to keep the top of the wick smooth and uniform. If your wick has become too badly charred and too uneven, replace it. Remember an irregular and charred wick produces poor light.
  6. CARE OF THE FLAME SPREADER. This small thimble-like part which rests on the inner wick tube must be kept clean and free from dirt. If it becomes dented, replace it at once.
  7. FRESH AIR IS NECESSARY. Your ALADDIN lamp requires fresh air in order to burn with a blue flame which gives you a brilliant white light. You will get best results from your lamp if the room in which it is used is well ventilated. Never use lamp in a sealed airtight area.
  8. INSURE PROPER PERFORMANCE. Keep ALADDIN parts properly assembled. The flame spreader must be seated all the way down--the outer wick tube securely locked in place--the mantle properly and securely locked on the gallery--the chimney properly seated in the gallery and the gallery properly locked into position on the burner.
  9. HOW TO CLEAN SOOTED MANTLE. If your mantle should accidentally become blackened from carbon or soot, it may be cleaned by turning the flame low and letting the soot burn off slowly. An excessively blackened mantle may require replacement.
  10. DO NOT PLACE YOUR LAMP NEAR FLAMMABLE OR COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS. A distance of at least 30" from the ceiling to the top of the chimney of your lamp is recommended. For hanging lamps equipped with a heat bell, shorter distances between lamp and ceiling are acceptable as indicated in instructions for these lamps. Always allow adequate distance between walls and lamp so that excessive heat build up does not occur.

aladdin, aladdin lamp, kerosene lamp